Virtual Assistance

      Virtual Administration

      A "virtual assistant" is an independent contractor that provides administrative, technical, or sometimes creative assistance to clients via the internet or remotely through integration of technology. A professional working in this capacity is also sometimes referred to as a "virtual office assistant," or more commonly known as a "VA."

      In the capacity of the church, Richmond Izard Ministries functions as a "Virtual Administrator," in so much as we remotely and or contractually provide various administrative services that an on-site church administrator typically performs or oversees, including those functions commonly performed by a church secretary, trustee, or personal assistant to the pastor.

      Services for Churches and Parachurch Organizations

      As an ordained minister, Elder Richmond has some twenty-five (25) years of administrative leadership in such industries as banking and auditing, information technology, as well as office management and church administration. He is experienced in the corporate, government, small business, and non-profit sectors.

      The following is a brief scope of our Virtual Church Administrator Services that we offer to your ministry:

    • Strategic Planning
    • QuickBooks Accounting
    • Integration of Technology in Ministry
    • Web Page Development
    • Sermon recording, uploading to YouTube, and integration into websites
    • Wordprocessing, Database Administration, and Spreadsheet Analysis
    • Visual Aids & Presentation Development
    • Business Forms, Flyers & Certificates
    • Assistance with Microsoft Office products
    • Staff Training and Development

      As such, our team of professionals partner with your Administrative Team to help champion your vision and mission, as sanctioned by your Board of Trustee or "Wise Council." We accomplish this by:

      1) Anticipating Your Needs

        Critical to our effectiveness as a helpmeet to your ministry is our ability to anticipate. To foresee the needs of your church or ministry, we have to be prayerful, observant and alert. In other words, we have to be discerning. As we work with you, we better learn your needs, and become positioned to offer appropriate best practices.

      2) Learning To Be Invisible

        As servants, we understand that it’s not about us. It’s about ministering to your needs so that you can best fulfill your calling, as well as your specific kingdom assignment. If we serve with excellence, then others will call you blessed. Moreover, each of us shall be compelled to glory our Father, from whom all blessings flow.

      3) Understanding Confidentiality

        No loose lips allowed. Serving pastors and ministry leaders sometimes privy us to confidential conversations and ideologies. This doesn’t mean that we will become aware of your trade secrets, but clearly there will be conversations that shouldn't meant to be discussed with other parties. We don’t discuss your business affairs with others, not even with our spouses.