Celine Dion,
“All By Myself”

Celine Dion
Exclusive Scene from "Through the Eyes of the World"

Coral Resgate,
“16 Anos da Resgate Para Vida”

Coral Resgate
"16 Anos da Resgate Para Vida"

Nathaniel Stampley,
“Have You Been Baptized?

Bishop Nathaniel Stampley
"Old-Time Baptismal - Heritage Baptism Service"

Body of Christ,
“Our God Is A Great Big God”

Vijoy, Angelin, Sam, and Rinu
"Our God Is A Great Big God"

Robert G. Childs,
“What A Mighty God We Serve”

Rev. Robert Childs, Berean Baptist Church
"What A Mighty God We Serve" Resurrection Sunday Musical

Charlotte Church,

Charlotte's "(Somewhere) There's A Place For Us"
From Westminster Cathedral

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