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Airway to the Soul

Christian Movie Trailer

Christian Fatherhood and Family Resolution

Envision Praise Team,
“I Give Myself Away”

Envision Praise Team
"I Give Myself Away"

Bette Midler,
“From A Distance”

Bette Midler
"From A Distance"

Sister Act 2,
“Oh Happy Day”

Sister Act 2
"Oh Happy Day"

Carrie Underwood,
“There’s A Place For Us”

Carrie Underwood
"There's A Place For Us"

Phebe Hines,
“I’ll Never Leave You Alone”

Phebe Hines, ("I'll Never Leave You Alone")
"V 100.7 Radio, Phebe Hines Interview with Minister Melvin Hood "

Nyeela Love,
“Solo at CFFC”

Nyeela Love
"Nyeela's Solo at Christian Faith Fellowship Church"

Darrell Hines,
“CFFC Choir Singing Refuge”

Bishop Darrell L. Hines
"CFFC Choir Singing Refuge"

Sedgwick Daniels,
“Feast of the Lord”

Bishop Sedgwick Daniels
"Feast of the Lord"

Juanita Bynum,
“I Need You to Survive”

Prophetess Juanita Bynum
"I Need You to Survive"