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Celine Dion,
“All By Myself”

Celine Dion
Exclusive Scene from "Through the Eyes of the World"

Service 2

Eg. Virtual Assistance

Service 1

Eg. Virtual Assistance

Coral Resgate,
“16 Anos da Resgate Para Vida”

Coral Resgate
"16 Anos da Resgate Para Vida"

Channel 5

Nathaniel Stampley,
“Have You Been Baptized?

Bishop Nathaniel Stampley
"Old-Time Baptismal - Heritage Baptism Service"

Channel 3

Channel 2

Body of Christ,
“Our God Is A Great Big God”

Vijoy, Angelin, Sam, and Rinu
"Our God Is A Great Big God"

Robert G. Childs,
“What A Mighty God We Serve”

Rev. Robert Childs, Berean Baptist Church
"What A Mighty God We Serve" Resurrection Sunday Musical