Empowerment Solutions

The number one objective of Richmond Izard Ministries is to help empower leaders like you for frontline warfare. We therefore partner with various clergics and professionals for the expressed purpose of helping to edify the body of Christ by integrating and leveraging sound biblical and ministerial teaching with practical administrative services, such as:

  • Strategic Planning
  • QuickBooks Accounting
  • Integration of Technology in Ministry
  • Web Page Development
  • Sermon recording, uploading to YouTube, and integration into websites
  • Wordprocessing, Database Administration, and Spreadsheet Analysis
  • Visual Aids & Presentation Development
  • Business Forms, Flyers & Certificates
  • Assistance with Microsoft Office products
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Christian Education
  • Christian Counseling

Understanding God's Promise

Jesus explains to us, in John 10:10, that He has come that we might have life more abundantly. Unfortunately, many of us have yet to embrace and enter fully into the kingdom. Consequently, we are not reining as a royal priesthood on earth because we are failing to walk in kingdom dominion and authority.

It's time-out for church folk precariously quoting that we are the head and not the tail, but yet failing to manifest the promise. For the revelation of Christ assures us, "the kingdom of God [is] not in word, but in power."

(1 Cor 4:20)

Get Your Blessing!

Despite obstacles, we envision "local churches and their stakeholders empowered with the knowledge, skills and resources needed to thrive according to God's purpose." Expressed another way, it is our desire to see the sons of God blessed in the country and blessed in the city, at home and on the job, in ministry and throughout the community.

"The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have [it] more abundantly."

(John 10:10)